Spray Tanning Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

A unique formula of DHA Bronzers. DHA is the active ingredient found in all sunless tanning products. It is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, and by the fermentation of glycerin. DHA does not make your skin cells darker in pigmentation, but rather reacts with the proteins and amino acids found in the top layer of your skin to create a darkening effect or ‘sunless tan’.

How long does it last? 

5 - 7 Days. 

How to prep your skin for a Spray Tan?

Preparation and maintenance of your sunless tan is the KEY to sunless success.
Follow these important steps to ensure maximum sunless results:
GENTLY exfoliate your skin prior to your sunless spray session 24 hours prior.
Do not use bar soaps prior to your sunless tan. Focus on your dry areas (knees, elbows, and ankles). Good Exfoliating Products Include:
Any waxing or shaving should be performed 24 hours in advance of applying sunless products.
Shower at least 2 hours before you spray tan. Use Sulfate Free Soap.
Come in with totally clean skin, no makeup, no deodorants, no lotions, and no perfumes. These will create barriers for the Spray Tan Solution.
Wear loose fitting, dark clothes. Avoid wearing tight shoes such as tennis shoes and boots. Tight clothing and shoes might rub off the Spray tan causing uneven results.

What happens during Spray Tan Session?

The session lasts approximately 4 Minutes. 
Remove all jewelry. We will provide you with hairnets and “sticky feet”. Spray at your comfort. You can wear a swimsuit, or go completely nude. Whichever your most comfortable with.

You can Apply Barrier cream, if your choose, to areas where the skin tends to be rougher, such as elbows, knees, feet, and between the fingers. Barrier Cream creates a barrier and it will not allow the Spray Tan solution to attach to areas where barrier cream is applied.

You'll enter into the booth, and follow the 4 position process as instructed by the machine. 

Aftercare Spray Tan Help

Wait at least 8 - 12 hours before rinsing off. Only use warm water to rinse off.
Do not wash your hair during your first rinse. Shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates.
Wait at least 24 hours before using soaps. Still use a Sulfate Free Soap.
Hydration is KEY! Moisturize your tan 2-3 times for the first day of your spray tan, then proceed to 1-2 times daily after. Use a moisturizer with NO Cosmetics.
Good Moisturizers Include: Hempz Moisturizers, and Body Butter by Norvell. 

Please Avoid The Following:

Showering: At least 24 hours. 
Sweating: At least 4-6 Hours.
Swimming: Avoid altogether if possible. Chlorine will break down the solution and shorten the life of your Spray Tan .