We offer 4 different levels of Tanning. 

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Standard Level

20 Min Max Exposure. 
Ideal for clients who want to rest and relax. 

Needs consistency to build base. 

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Upgrade Level

15 Min. Max Exposure.
Slightly stronger than the level 1 bed and offers bronzing and reflective tanning lamps, which will provide a more brown color than the level 1 bed.
3 Facials in each bed.
Needs consistency to build base.

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Ultra Level

12 Min Max Exposure. 
Full On board AC for the Maximum Comfort. 
More Intense Bronzing Bulbs then Levels 1 & 2. 
6 Facials & 2 Shoulder Lamps.
Quicker, Richer, Longer Lasting Color with Minimal Upkeep. 

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Matrix Level

Ultimate Level of Tanning
Best known for its dark tanning results and long lasting tans.
This bed features 33 high output high pressure tanning bulbs.
The Matrix delivers a NO-BURN tanning experience and is great for all skin types. Your skin gets instantly darker and continues to get darker for the next 48 hours.
This bed tans you in 3 – 4 tanning visits. Very Minimal Upkeep/

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Versa Spa

Our Automated Spray Tan Booth Gives you a flawless glow in under 5 Minutes.
6 Color Choices to Choose From

Primer is also included in our Spray Tans. 

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